Daily Connect

Your online daily sheet
We use the application Daily Connect to communicate daily information regarding your child’s eating, sleeping, diapering and/or play habits during the day.
You can create an account with Daily Connect to access the events as soon as they are logged during the day.
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How Daily Connect helps during the day:
  • Daily Connect improves communication between you and the teachers.
  • Connect anytime, and know immediately what your child is doing during the day.
  • Get peace of mind and a sense of connection to your baby throughout the day.
  • Receive pictures of your child in action. You can also download and share these photos.
  • Use graphs to better understand your child's schedule, and identify patterns.
  • Receive customized alerts and notifications for message and entries saved by the teachers.
  • Even if you’re not using the application, an email is automatically sent to you at the end of the day with a summary.
The information is protected and secured and only accessible and shared with authorized family members and caregivers
Mobile application: $4.99 (one-time fee, optional) (iOS 6+, Android 2.3+, Apple Watch)
Web application: free (www.dailyconnect.com)
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